"Drum Major Instinct" by Martin Luther King, Jr.1850 CompromiseAbolition of Slavery: References in Rhetoric
Abraham Lincoln, A House DividedAbraham Lincoln, Address at a Sanitary FairAbraham Lincoln, Euology of Henry Clay
Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural AddressAbraham Lincoln, Gettysburg AddressAbraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address
Albert Spies, Address to the CourtAmendments to the ConstitutionAngelina Grimke, Speech in Pennsylvania Hall
AntithesisAristotle's Rhetoric Book One: Outline and CommentaryAristotle's Rhetoric Book Two: Outline and Commentary
Army v. McCarthyBarack Obama's "The Great Need of the Hour"Barack Obama, Victory Speech, Nov. 4th 2008
Benjamin Franklin, Speech on the ConstitutionBill Clinton, "I Have Sinned" SpeechBill of Rights
Bingham, Caleb. Columbian Orator exc.Booker T. Washington, Atlanta Exposition AddressC. Wright Mills' “Letter to the New Left”
Caleb Bingham, Columbian Orator (extracts)Charlie Chaplin "The Great Dictator" SpeechChiasmus
Chronology of Rhetoric in the Ancient WorldCivil Rights and the Rhetoric of Race from Reconstruction to the PresentConfessions of Nat Turner
Constitution of the American Anti-Slavery SocietyConstitution of the United StatesCritical Theory, Publics and Counterpublics: Sources
Declaration of IndependenceDeclaration of SentimentsDeclaration of Sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society
Dialogism: Mikhail Bakhtin and Rhetorical TheoryDramatism: Sources on Burkean Rhetorical Theory and CriticismElizabeth Cady Stanton, The Solitude of Self
Emancipation Movements from 1865: A ChronologyEnthymeme: SourcesEthos and Pathos and other Personae: Sources
Eugene Debs, Statement to the CourtEugene Debs, The Canton, Ohio Speech (1918)Eugene V. Debs, Canton Ohio Speech
Eugene V. Debs, Statement to the CourtEugene V. Debs, The American MovementFavorites (Add Your Favorite Rhetoric Book or Article Here)
Federalist No. 9Federalists, Anti-Federalists, and the Discourse of the Founding: SourcesFeminist Rhetoric: Sources
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Pearl Harbor Address to the NationFrederick Douglass, "On Woman's Suffrage"Frederick Douglass, "We Have Decided to Stay"
Frederick Douglass, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?Fugitive Slave Laws in Compromise LegislationGenre: General Sources
Gorgias of LeontiniGreco-Roman Rhetoric: General and Comparative SourcesHenry Clay, Speech to the American Colonization Society
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary SessionHow to Find a SpeechIdeological Rhetoric
Index of BibliographiesIndex of NotesIndex of Primary Texts
Index to BibliographiesIronyIsocrates: Sources
JFK Inaugural AddressJames T. Austin, Speech at Faneuil HallJefferson, Letter to Demeunier, 26 June 1786
John F. Kennedy, Inaugural AddressJohn F. Kennedy: Civil Rights AddressKairos and Time in Rhetoric: Sources
Kathie Sarachild: "A Program for Feminist: Consciousness Raising"Kennedy, Edward M. Chappaquiddick SpeechKenneth Burke, Dramatism, the Pentad, and Identification: an Overview
Labor Movement BibliographyLetter to John HolmesLucretia Mott, The Law of Progress
Malcolm X: "The Ballot or The Bullet"Malcolm X: Time Duration: Elementary:Map of 1850 Compromise
Map of Missouri CompromiseMargaret Sanger, "The Children's Era" speechMario Savio: "Speech at Berkeley"
Martin Luther King, I've Been To the MountaintopMartin Luther King, I Have a DreamMartin Luther King, Jr.'s "Drum Major Instinct"
Martin Luther King Jr.-Loving Your EnemiesMartin Luther King Jr. - Letter from Birmingham JailMcCarthy Speech, 1950
MetaphorMetaphor: SourcesMetonymy
Michelle Obama's Speech at the 2016 Hillary Clinton Rally at Wake Forest UniversityMissouri Compromise (1820)Musical Rhetoric and Protest Music
Obama, More Perfect Union speech, 2008Obama, National Democratic Congress 2004Obama, State of the Union 2015
Outline of Aristotle's RhetoricPatrick Henry, Speech at the Virginia Ratification DebatePlato, Gorgias: Sources
Plato, Phaedrus: SourcesPlessy v. Ferguson ExcerptPolitical Rhetoric
Port Huron StatementPresident Bush's Speech-September 11, 2001President Reagan's Challenger Speech-January 28, 1986
Presidential RhetoricPresidential Rhetoric: General and Comparative SourcesPresidential Rhetoric: Sources on Individual Presidents A to Z
Public Narrative: References in RhetoricReagan, Ronald. Farewell Address to the NationReagan, Ronald. First Inaugural Address
Revolutionary Mode: SourcesRhetoric, Communication and Virtual Worlds: SourcesRhetoric for Alexander Outline
Rhetoric in Ancient Greece: General and Comparative SourcesRhetorical Situation: SourcesRhetorical Theory and Criticism
Rhetoricalgoddess WikiRichard Nixon's "Checkers" SpeechRoman and Hellenistic Rhetoric: Sources
Ronald Reagan: Speech at the Berlin WallRoosevelt's First Inaugural AddressRoosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
Roosevelt, EleanorRoosevelt, TheodoreSarah Grimke, Letter in Response to the Pastoral Letter
Semiotics, Post-Structuralism and Critical Rhetoric: SourcesSeneca Falls Declaration of SentimentsSeparation vs. Integration: A Debate
Slavery and Compromise: A Rhetorical HistorySojourner Truth, Ain't I a WomanSophistic Rhetoric: Sources
SpeechwritingStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Position Paper: Women in the MovementStyle: Sources on Levels of Style and Style in General
Susan B Anthony- "Is it a Crime for a US Citizen to vote?"The Canon of InventionThe Canon of Style
The Prophetic Mode in American Public DiscourseThe Rhetorical AristotleThe Rhetorical Aristotle: General Sources
The Rhetorical Augustine: SourcesThe Rhetorical Cicero: SourcesThe Rhetorical Lincoln: Sources
The Rhetorical Plato: General SourcesThomas Jefferson, Letter to DemeunierThucydides Critique of Empire: A Guide to the Key Passages
Trump InauguralUrsula K. Le Guin: "She Unnames Them"Ursula Le Guin: "She Unnames Them"
Visual Rhetoric: SourcesW.E.B DuBois, Address to the NationWendell Phillips, Speech at Faneuil Hall
William Lloyd Garrison's Peace DeclarationWilliam Lloyd Garrison, "No Compromise with the Evil of SlaveryWilliam Lloyd Garrison Liberator (1831)
Woman's Rights to 1920: SourcesWoolman, John, Journal exc.Writing Rhetorical Criticism
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