Index of Primary Texts Edit

This page is an alphabetical listing of primary rhetorical texts on the Rhetorical Goddess wiki for easy access.

American Anti-Slavery Society, Constitution

American Anti-Slavery Society, Declaration of Sentiments

Bill of Rights.

Bingham, Caleb. Columbian Orator exc.

Charlie Chaplin "The Great Dictator" Speech

Clay, Henry, Speech to the American Colonization Society

Clinton, William Jefferson. "I Have Sinned."

Constitution of the United States .

Declaration of Independence.

Debs, Eugene V. The American Movement.

Debs, Eugene V. Statement to the Court.

Douglass, Frederick. "On Woman's Suffrage."

Douglass, Frederick. "We Have Decided To Stay."

DuBois, W. E. B. "Address to the Nation." [Niagara Movement Address]

Federalist No. 9 [attributed to Alexander Hamilton]

Franklin, Benjamin. Speech on the Constitution.

Garrison, William Lloyd, "No Compromise with the Evil of Slavery"

Garrison, William Lloyd. Peace Declaration .

Garrison, William Lloyd. "To the Public."

Grimke, Angelina. Speech in Pennsylvania Hall.

Grimke, Sarah. Letter in Response to the Pastoral Letter of the Congregations of Massachusetts

Henry, Patrick. Speech at the Virginia Ratification Debate.

Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to Demeunier, 1786.

Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to John Holmes, 1820.

Kennedy, Edward M. Chappaquiddick Address

Kennedy, John F. Inaugural Address

King, Martin Luther. "I Have a Dream".

Lincoln, Abraham. First Inaugural Address.

Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln, Abraham. Second Inaugural

Lincoln, Abraham. A House Divided

Mott, Lucretia. "The Law of Progress."

Obama, State of the Union Address 2015

Phillips, Wendell, Speech at Faneuil Hall

Plessy v. Ferguson Excerpt

Reagan, Challenger Address

Reagan, First Inaugural Address

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, First Inaugural

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pearl Harbor Address

Spies, Albert. Address to the Court.

Thucydides. Excerpts from Speeches and Debates in Thucydide's History of the Peloponnesian War

Trump, Donald John. Inaugural.

Turner, Nat. Confessions.

Washington, Booker T. Atlanta Exposition Address,

Woolman, John. Journal Excerpts.